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My art is my life. ^_^


Wow I have alot of favorites....I need a life....


Dutch 7-Layer (2nd Dead Layer) - Self-Portrait by VincentValentineGirl
Dutch 7-Layer (2nd Dead Layer) - Self-Portrait
Layer 5 of the 7-layer project, so this isn't the finished product, but I just loved how the black-and white came out. Crappy photo, but nothing I can do about that. Another project from my Painting III class.

Yes, that's my beautiful mug....I don't smile for pictures. Sorry.
Lit by VincentValentineGirl
Photorealism project for my Painting III class. The theme was 'Document.'

Took two weeks of hard work to finish, but....I'm happy with it ^_^
“Of all times to have to deal with a dark spirit, why now?” (Y/n) scowled. The spirit—a malevolent asshole who had killed himself after killing his wife and young child—had latched onto her close to three days ago. Three days that she hadn’t heard or felt Jushiro around.

She and the Soul Reaper had become quite good friends over the past three months. He would visit her when he had the chance to escape, using the excuse of studying her spirit energy to get clearance. He usually visited three to four times a week, but she hadn’t seen him for the past three days, which made her worry about if his illness had started to bother him again. He had told her about it in more detail later on and it sounded very similar to the human illness tuberculosis.

“Go away, damn it!” (Y/n) hissed to the spirit. She heard him snicker and move closer, making her groan as she turned down the path into the park. “Of course. I have to deal with a stubborn jackass…go figure…”

She stopped long enough to yank off her flats and continued walking through the park.

Lately, it seemed her abilities were getting stronger. She was starting to get glimpses of the spirits haunting her and she could faintly make out a haze where Jushiro was when he visited. It both worried her and amazed her how much they’ve grown. (Y/n) paused on the path for a moment, listening around her.

It had grown quiet. Too quiet. (Y/n) wasn’t going to stick around long enough to find out. She started moving again, walking quickly to get through the park and to get home. She didn’t want to deal with a Hollow.

Quickly, quickly, the monster is sickly~

That asshole of a spirit was enjoying this, singing in her ear. She waved her hand in that direction angrily, feeling it move through thick air where the spirit was.

“Enough of that! Shut up before you get us both in trouble!”

Stupid girl, don’t you know? That demon is already following you….it has for the past five minutes…

That whisper in her ear made a chill go down her spine and nearly made her stop in her tracks. She knew better though. She needed to keep moving. ‘Jushiro….I really need you right now…’ she thought, fighting the fear that threatened to climb through her. She bit her lip to keep it from trembling. Maybe if she didn’t acknowledge it, it would leave her alone….

Yeah, right. She knew better than that. Now that she knew it was there, she could focus on its presence. God, what a vile feeling. Cold and evil….and so hungry. She felt her throat tightening in fear. She was almost through the park. Jushiro said Hollows tend to prefer one central area, but they’ve been known to move throughout a city. She hoped this one stayed in the park.

‘Where are you running to….human?’ Ah, she was wondering when it would start talking to her. ‘You don’t have anywhere to run to. You have no one waiting. Why are you running? I could end the hurt….end the pain….just let me EAT YOU!

Ignore it, (Y/n), ignore it! Don’t listen to it! Keep walking. The exit was so close. She could probably make it quicker if she ran. Her heartbeat was picking up. It could smell her nervousness. It knew she knew it was there.

So sweet, so good….you’ll make a delectable treat…

God damn it all!’ (Y/n) didn’t wait any longer. She ran for the exit.



There’s a dark form there….

(Y/n) clenched her eyes shut…

And heard the sound of screams.
Whisper - Chapter Three (Jushiro Ukitake x Reader)
So an update after forever! I know, two updates for two different stories in one day! It's a miracle!! 8D
....this story's dark...

I own nothing!


Beginning: Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Two

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
“So how far have you and Gamzee gone?”

A flat look crossed (Y/n)’s face. Of all people to ask that, of course it has to be Samantha. Honestly.

“Why do you want to know?”

“…I may or may not have made a bet with Nepeta and Karkat?”

(Y/n) groaned a little and smacked her face with her palm. Of course, the self-called Love Consultant and his minion in crime.

“No further than a kiss on the lips. Emphasis on a kiss.

You haven’t gone any further?” Sam asked, sounding surprised.

“No, we haven’t and he hasn’t pushed me, though he’s made it quite evident he would happily run towards a Home Run if given the option…”

Don’t you want to go all the way with him? You’ve been dating him, what, almost two months now? Three? It must have crossed your mind once or twice.

(Y/n) flushed—truth be told, having sex with Gamzee definitely had crossed her mind, and on more than one occasion. Gamzee was an attractive male whom she was pretty sure she was in love with by now and he’s made it quite clear of the attraction he had for her. She has at least one wet dream a week about him. So why hadn’t she moved the intimacy along?

“One, it still astounds me that you, of all people, are asking me this and two, to answer your question, yes it may have crossed my mind on occasion.”

Then why don’t you just do it?

(Y/n) sighed and ran her hand through her hair, making a face at the split ends. She needed a hair-cut soon. “I don’t know…I guess I’m just nervous…you know how I get sometimes.”

You love him and you want him, but you’re too scared to make it apparent, right?

“Stop doing that. It’s creepy.”

I just know you that well~

“Still creepy.”

But I’m right, aren’t I?

“…yes, Sam, you are,” (Y/n) mumbled, flopping onto her couch. “I don’t know, I just…I’m nervous. And worried.”

About what?

“I guess that he won’t like it…or something like that.”

Puh-lease, (Y/n). I’ve seen how that boy watches you and if his look was any hotter, your clothes would have burned off ages ago.

(Y/n) flushed at the thought. No way, she never caught Gamzee looking at her like that…mischievously, yes, perversely, yes, but not…

“No way.”

Oh yeah. He makes sure you’re not looking. It’s like he’s undressing you with his eyes, really. I’m surprised he doesn’t walk around with a hard on most of the time—


What? I tell ‘em as I see ‘em.

“Good God, Sam, I’m going to have to keep him away from you. He’s corrupting you.”

Sam laughed over the phone and (Y/n) smiled a little.

Like you haven’t?

“I haven’t the slightest what you’re talking about.”

Sure you don’t.

“Any luck with Kankri?”

Well….we’re talking.


Hey, it’s better than when he barely even knew of my existence! It’s a slow process!

“A blade of grass growing is a slow process.”

Shut up! I just don’t want to rush things!

(Y/n) snickered at that. “You still haven’t told him, have you?”

…I’ve hinted…

“You know how most men are. You gotta be as subtle as a rhino for them to even get what you’re hinting at.”

Just like Gamzee’s ‘subtle’ sex comments.

“Stuff it.”

This time it was Sam snickering. “Anyway, I got to head over to Nepeta’s. Karkat demanded a movie night, so I have to prepare myself mentally for the mind-mush called Romantic Comedies.

(Y/n) laughed, “I have no pity.”

Bite my ass. At least I won’t be alone—apparently he’s dragging Kankri into it.

“Good, you can give him a big kiss during the climax of a movie.”

Shut the fuck up, (Y/n).

“Are you going to switch one of his movies for that horror movie you found?”

I actually forgot about that, but now that you reminded me, yes, yes I will.

“Awesome, tell me the results.” It was a known fact that Karkat hated horror movies with a passion and if one was playing, he wouldn’t move from his spot until it was over. It was quite amusing, actually.

Will do. Later.

“Bye,” (Y/n) hit the ‘end’ button and let the phone fall onto her lap. She was bored now. She had the next two days off, so….what to do?

A heated image of her and Gamzee moving in twisted sheets crossed her mind and she scowled, blushing.

“Damn that girl, now I can’t stop thinking about it…” she muttered, pushing to her feet, ignoring the phone as it fell to the floor. She walked to the kitchen to dig out a peach from her fridge to eat, sliced it, then walked back to the living room where she heard the phone ringing. After digging it out from underneath the couch it had slid under, she answered.


Well hey, kitten.

(Y/n) smiled at the familiar drawling voice.

“Hey, Gamzee. To what do I owe this call?”

Why boredom, my sexy little cat.

(Y/n) blushed as she sat down on the couch, the bowl of peach slices beside her.

“You know, I was thinking about calling you for the same reason.”


“Yup. Was wondering if you wanted to come over and watch movies with me. Apparently Sam’s heading over to Karkat’s for the brain-frying marathon of RomComs, so I figured I could do the same with a different genre.”

Such as?

“You know me—horror, horror, action, and oh yeah, horror.”

Gamzee chuckled, “Sounds like a fun deal, kitten. Give me about thirty minutes.

“Awesome. See you then.”

That you will.

(Y/n) smiled as she hung up the phone again and bounced off the couch to go hunt through her movies. She had a lot of horror and action and hidden somewhere on the shelf were a couple of romance movies and she had a collection of animated films in her room. After picking out her favorites and a couple she knew would scare the shit out of her, she placed the movies beside the television and sat down to finish her snack.

There was a knock at the door as she went to put her bowl in the sink and smiled as she walked to answer, finding Gamzee waiting with a rose and a lazy smile on his face.

“You’re early,” she teased as she stepped aside to let him in, taking the rose he offered her.

“Couldn’t wait to see ya, kitten,” he said, kissing her temple, making her blush. He knew how to give just the right amount of sweetness to his words to turn her into a pile of goo.

“Still cheesy, but sweet,” (Y/n) said with a smile and he grinned at her. “The movies are in the living room, I’ll be there in a minute. I want to put this in a vase.”

“Take your time, kitten,” Gamzee said, walking towards the living room.

(Y/n) found a small vase for the rose and put some water in it, before setting the rose and vase on the island in the kitchen, before walking back to the living room. Gamzee was already sitting on the couch comfortably, his arms draped over the back of it and legs spread in a typical male position.

“What’s the movie run-up tonight?” he asked with a lazy smile as (Y/n) thought his position was quite inviting and was debating on making this movie night into something a little more heated.

“Huh?” she blinked before processing what he said. “Oh. Well, we have~” She pranced over to the entertainment center and picked up the movies. “The Hills Have Eyes 1 and 2, Paranormal Activity 3, Sinister, which I haven’t watched yet, Insidious 2 and last, but not least, The Evil Dead.”

“Sounds like a fun night in the ghetto,” he joked and (Y/n) chuckled.

“Which movie you want to watch first?”

“The first one you mentioned.”

“The Hills Have Eyes it is then!” (Y/n) turned on the TV and the DVD player and popped the movie in, before going to sit down beside Gamzee, who wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. When she looked up at him, he just grinned.

“Gonna need someone to hold onto, you know. Safety measures.”

(Y/n) chuckled and laid her head against his shoulder as the movie started.

Three movies later and half-way through The Evil Dead, (Y/n) had to call for a break—one, because she had to use the bathroom, but mostly because she was going to have no sleep that night if she didn’t. She hadn’t seen the Evil Dead before and it freaked her the fuck out. Gamzee barely looked bothered, though she had felt him jump occasionally and tighten his grip on her. (Y/n) looked at herself in the bathroom mirror as she washed her hands and chuckled—her hair was a mess from constantly burying her face into Gamzee’s chest and peeking out again. She fixed her hair to look presentable, before going back out.

“Hey Gamzee, you thirsty?” she called, stopping in the kitchen to grab a soda for herself. “I’ve got Faygo in here.”

“Sounds good.”

(Y/n) nearly jumped out of her skin when his voice came from behind her and she barely kept herself from whipping around and hitting him.

Gamzee Makara!! Don’t do that!!”

Gamzee was helpless with laughter, leaning against the bar to keep from sliding to the ground as (Y/n) tried to calm her racing heart.

“Oh God, kitten!” He cackled, “Your reaction!! I haven’t seen anyone jump that high before!!”

“Oh, shut up, Makara,” (Y/n) scowled at him, even though his laughter had her lips twitching up in a smile. It was infectious. He wiped his eyes of tears of mirth and straightened his stance. “You’ve been waiting all night to do that, haven’t you?”

“Hell yeah. Well worth the wait,” Gamzee chortled.

“Jerk,” (Y/n) sniffed, turning to grab him a Faygo from the fridge before flouncing back to the living room. She heard Gamzee chuckle again as he followed. (Y/n) took a swig of her soda, before sitting down, Gamzee following suit. She set the drink on the coffee table, before curling up against Gamzee’s side again. Gamzee picked up the remote and hit play and the horror began again.

(Y/n) wondered how she managed to get through the Evil Dead and was grateful when Gamzee put in the third Paranormal Activity—she had seen it before, so she knew what to expect. It was a relief from the previous movie.

Apparently Gamzee had seen it as well, as he eventually grew bored and instead decided on another activity to entertain himself. (Y/n) didn’t realize that trying to find out how horny or embarrassed one can make his girlfriend was a game nowadays. She blushed fiercely as Gamzee nuzzled into her neck, that area of her body being very sensitive to touch.

“Gamzee, what are you doing?”

“Shh,” she felt him grin against her neck. “Just watch the movie. Ignore what I’m doing.”

“T-That’s hard to do…” she said, praying her voice didn’t sound as breathless as she was feeling at the moment.

“I’m doing nothing,” his voice was innocent, but she was sure if she looked at his face, his grin would be downright wicked. (Y/n) swallowed a little thickly and tried to turn her attention back to the movie. It really was quite hard to do when Gamzee was brushing light, butterfly kisses along the curve of her neck and shoulder. She squirmed a little.

Gamzee chuckled deeply, “Something the matter, kitten?”

“Is something the matter, indeed,” she muttered. “You’re being mean.”

“Me? Mean? Never, ever,” he purred and (Y/n) bit her lip to suppress a shiver. That deep bedroom voice was driving her hormones wild. She had a suspicion he knew because he pressed his lips against her pulse, letting it flutter underneath the soft kiss he laid there. “Your pulse is racing, kitten.”

“W-Wonder why,” she stammered a little. He chuckled again as he lightly brushed his lips up along the length of her neck to the underside of her jaw. (Y/n) instinctually tilted her head back to offer more skin to him. His breath was hot as he breathed out and she felt the light pinch of teeth against her neck, followed by an even hotter tongue against the sting. Good lord, he knew what he was doing. Her body was uncomfortably flustered and hot.

Gamzee kissed his way along her jawline to her ear, where he lightly teethed her earlobe, before skimming across her cheek to her lips. His breath ghosted against her lips, his own a teasing centimeter away. (Y/n)’s eyes rose to his and she found smoldering, indigo pools looking hungrily into hers, sending a shock of lust through her. It made her anxious about how badly she craved him them, how it was even possible for someone to want another as badly as she did at that moment.

Gamzee seemed to read this in her eyes and his own darkened, before he closed the small space between them and gave her a searing kiss. (Y/n)’s eyes fluttered shut as she kissed him back, a little unsurely, since this was the first time she had ever been kissed like this. His lips were dry and a little rough, but not unpleasantly so, his lip piercing only slightly cold. He was surprisingly gentle, despite the heat in the kiss, and showed her the basics of kissing, before he lightly nipped at her lips teasingly.

(Y/n) felt his hands gently grip her knees and turn her lower body to face him, which made her gasp a little and fall back against the couch since she no longer had the support against her back. Gamzee chuckled softly, looking down at her with that heated gaze, making her blush deeply and play with a lock of her hair, twirling it around her finger. He gently nudged her knees apart and leaned down between them to kiss her again, his body hovering over hers. She shivered a little as she felt his hands slide along the outside of her legs, following their contours. Shyly, she rested her hands against his shoulders, nervously playing with the sleeves of his shirt.

Gamzee softly chuckled against her lips, smiling as he kissed her again, sweetly this time. “Don’t be so nervous. I won’t do anything you’re not ready for,” he murmured and (Y/n) felt herself melt for a second time that night. She smiled shyly and nodded, before cupping the back of his head to pull him back into another kiss. She was nervous….but she knew what she wanted.

Gamzee rumbled deep in his chest, and he finally settled his body over hers, nearly groaning with how her soft curves felt against his hard body. It was like she was the missing piece to the puzzle, fitting snuggly against him, his body fitting between her thighs deliciously. He felt her shiver against him, every tremor that ran through her.

She was so different from the women he was used to, the women whom he took hard and fast and brutal. With (Y/n), he didn’t want to hurt her by accident, he was eager to draw this out and take his time, pleasuring her slowly. It got him excited just thinking about how she would sound moaning his name.

He parted his lips to lightly trail his tongue along the seam of hers, a silent request for permission. She granted it, allowing his tongue to slip in and map out uncharted territory, before coaxing her own into an ancient dance. Gamzee’s hands slid up her thighs again to grip her hips, his thumbs rubbing in small, slow circles against the bone that protruded forward slightly.

The kiss broke for air, their lungs burning and Gamzee took favor of kissing along her neck and jaw, teasingly nibbling the skin just to feel her shiver against him. Her back arched a little as she allowed her head to fall back, baring her neck to him. Gamzee gave a low rumble of approval, especially since arching her back made her hips press a little into his. So enticing.

(Y/n) shivered when she felt his hands slide around her hips to grip her ass, lifting her hips off the couch a little to press them into his lower half. Gamzee watched her expression with a smile when she felt his persistent problem pressing against the front of his jean, her face flushing a deep red.

“This…is what you do to me…constantly…” he purred deeply in her ear, making her blush more. “That sexy sway in your hips when you walk…that sweet little giggle you give…especially that cute blush on your face…everything about you makes me want you more…” He pressed his hips forward, his erection grinding a little into her heat and her breath caught. He could already feel how hot she was, through his jeans and her shorts. She caught her plump, red bottom lip between her teeth as she looked up at him through her lashes and he gave a soft groan, leaning down to kiss her again. “If only you knew the half of what I crave to do to you…”

(Y/n) more than eagerly parted her lips for him as he kissed her again, and her fingers, previously tugging on his sleeves, moved up his shoulders and neck to run through his wild, curling locks.

If that fucking doorbell hadn’t rung, he was pretty sure they would have been well into some seriously passionate love-making. He had just begun to peel her shirt off when the doorbell rang, scaring them both. (Y/n)’s jumping ended up knocking Gamzee onto the floor with an audible thud! This made the man give a low curse as (Y/n) fixed herself, blushing deeply, before she went to answer the door.

Gamzee laid on the floor where he landed, irritation flowing through him. He tapped his fingers on the floor as he listened. He swallowed a deep groan of distaste when he heard a familiar voice—it was Terezi, an old on-again-off-again. They really didn’t care much for each other, it was more for sexual benefit than anything else and they had fought when they had decided to try hooking up officially. What was she doing here, though?

Gamzee rolled onto his stomach and pushed to his feet as (Y/n) entered the living room again, looking mildly confused with Terezi behind her. Terezi was smaller in stature than (Y/n), with short, layered black hair and a small waist. She always had a wicked smile on her lips and she wore red sunglasses all the time. Despite being blind, she got around fairly easily.

“Gamzee, this woman says she knows you?” (Y/n) said, a little confused. Terezi gave a sultry smile, but all Gamzee did was curl his lip in irritation.

“Oh yes, Gamzee and I go way back,” Terezi purred, completely oblivious—or ignorant, as she was commonly known for being—to the fact that (Y/n) was standing right beside her. “We’ve had plenty of fun nights together, haven’t we?”

“Define ‘fun’,” Gamzee muttered. (Y/n) was looking a little uncomfortable so she quietly excused herself to the kitchen. This served to increase Gamzee’s annoyance level, much to Terezi’s amusement. Terezi waltzed up to Gamzee, who turned away when she leaned forward to try and kiss him.

“I thought you liked it when I kissed you,” she grinned.

“I’m in a relationship, Terezi,” he scowled.

“That’s never stopped you before,” she drawled. “You’ve been in ‘relationships’ with plenty of other girls and you still welcomed me to your bed anytime you felt she wasn’t putting out enough.”

“This girl’s different!”

“Different because she’s a goody-two-shoes?”

“Different because she actually cares for me!” He said angrily.

“Sure she does, Makara,” Terezi said, her voice cynical. “And the first time you lose control on her, that’ll change. It always does. But you know you always have me.”

“You have about ten seconds to leave, Terezi, before I lose control on you,” Gamzee growled dangerously. She gave a carefree laugh and turned, walking towards the front door. As she passed (Y/n), she made sure to say, loudly,

“My bed is always open for you~”

The door closed sharply behind her, leaving an uncomfortable silence. Gamzee was reluctant to look at (Y/n). He didn’t know what to expect from her—anger maybe, probably hurt and confusion.


Her voice automatically made him look up at her. She didn’t look angry or hurt—she looked rather calm, actually.


“Why are you looking like a whipped dog?” she asked, and he caught amusement in her tone. This confused him, frankly.

“You’re…not angry? Or upset?”

(Y/n) chuckled a little as she walked up to him, “I can hear everything that goes on in the kitchen.”

Gamzee blinked.

“I heard the entire conversation.”


(Y/n) chuckled again and she gently tugged the front of his shirt so he would lean down, letting her lean up and kiss him sweetly.

“You really are amazing, kitten,” he murmured against her lips, bemused. She chuckled a little.

“I trust you, Gamzee. You’ve shown that you won’t betray me like that,” she smiled. Gamzee felt a smile curl his lips and he nuzzled his nose against hers, just to hear her giggle.

“You are way too good for me.”

“Stop thinking like that,” she scolded gently. “There’s no such thing as being ‘too good’ for someone.”

“You’re proving to be it,” he smiled. (Y/n) just shook her head and kissed him again sweetly.

“Do you want to finish the movie or…?”

“No, I should probably go home,” he said with a soft sigh. She looked a little disappointed and he gave a small smile and kissed her forehead. “It’s for the best, kitten.”

“…alright. Will you call when you get home? So I know you made it back alright?”

Gamzee nodded and after he gave her a soft, lingering kiss, he left, leaving her standing in the living room, feeling like her night had gotten quite gypped.
The Lost Get Found - 12 (Human!Gamzee x Reader)
Update!....I'm so sorry for taking so long. I've finally got a moment to breathe with all the shiznit goin' on, yo.

Anyway! It's late and I have no excuse because I already have 21 chapters of this story wrote out, but...hey, update?

I own nothing!!


Beginning: Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Eleven

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
“The jury have come to a decision and find Gamzee Makara, the Defendant, to be…”

“Not guilty.”

Gamzee took a deep breath as he leaned against the wall of the art store. It had been a week since the court case. The charges had been cleared as self-defense and he was allowed to continue his life as he had before. He grinned a little bit—the date with (Y/n) had gone great as well and despite fighting with himself, agreed they could begin an actual relationship. Disciple told them to keep the public affections outside of work or else she’d have them working different shifts.

He was a little nervous about it, god was he nervous, because 1) he had never had an actual relationship before and 2) there was still the standing issue of enemies from the gangs he left or ruined using her against him. However there was no denying the attraction he had for her, so he just went with what his heart was telling him.
“You look like you’re in a good mood,” (Y/n)’s amused voice brought him from his thoughts and he looked over at her. He gave her a lazy grin.

“Yeah, and now I’m in an even better one.”

“Cheesy at its best. Keep trying,” she chuckled, even though her cheeks reddened, unlocking the store door.

“Oh trust me, I will.”

“I’m sure,” she said with a smile, stepping inside and walking to the back as per usual. That was one thing he noticed about (Y/n)—she kept a routine and she did NOT like it changed, even in the slightest. He grinned a little—that meant the first week he worked there must have been highly irritating for her. Still, she seemed to take change all in good grace and tried to adapt to it.

Gamzee shrugged off his jacket and rolled it up, putting it in his cubby as (Y/n) flipped through some papers Disciple had laid out for them.

“Apparently we have an inspector coming in today to make sure we’re running things correctly, so that means you need to behave yourself,” (Y/n) said. “The new supplies are already in the storage, here’s the list of things to put on the sales racks…pretty much same thing with a new set of eyes watching us.”

“Wonderful,” Gamzee made a face—he hated being scrutinized and that was exactly what the inspector would be doing. (Y/n) smiled at him a little over her shoulder.

“It’s not that bad. Just act professional and you’ll be fine.”

“Famous last words,” he muttered under his breath. “‘Just act professional and you’ll be fine,’ she says. ‘It’s not that bad,’ she says. Not that bad, my motherfucking ass.” He spat on the sidewalk, puffing on a cigarette like a steam engine. It was their break time, much to the relief of both (Y/n) and Gamzee. The inspector was going to cause a vein to pop from how downright irritating he was.

He was far worse than Kankri could even wish he could be when it came to a by-the-book rules and laws attitude. He was also a humongous flirt and constantly hit on (Y/n), which of course, pissed Gamzee off as (Y/n) was his woman and he did not appreciate other men making remarks about her. (Y/n), much to his approval, ignored the advances and, once or twice, made a cold remark in kind.

The inspector apparently had it in for Gamzee—trying to find some fault in how he worked, some flaw he could carve out and leave a black mark down on his name. Well, Gamzee thought as he snuffed out his cigarette angrily, he’s going to have to try a lot harder than that. He wasn’t going to let this guy get under his skin any further.


(Y/n)’s voice brought him from his thoughts and turned his attention up to the girl that was leaning around the corner. The one request Disciple had made when he started working there was that he smoked behind the building. That was fine, really, though they had to walk around the building as there was only an emergency exit and a warehouse door for supplies to be brought in.


“You alright? You looked angry when you walked out,” she said, deeming it safe to approach and walking towards him.

“I kind of was,” he admitted, leaning against the wall and letting his head fall back against it.

“Don’t let him get under your skin, Gamzee. He’s just testing you,” she said, leaning against the wall beside him.

“He’s pissing me off.”

“Think of something else when he starts in on you then,” (Y/n) suggested.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. You’re Gamzee, think Gamzee thoughts.”

He paused for a minute, before he started to chuckle and he grinned a wicked smile. (Y/n) blushed, she knew what that smile meant.

“You pervert.”

“Hey, you suggested it, I was just going along with it! I can’t help it, you know that.”

“You can help it, you just choose not to.”

“It’s your fault for being a tease with those clothes on,” he smirked. (Y/n) scowled at that and blushed an even deeper red.

“I swear, I’m starting to believe all your brain is made up of is porno movies and dirty magazines.”

“A good portion of it is.”

“You’re not supposed to agree with that!”

Gamzee laughed at her exasperated, flustered expression. She was too cute sometimes and he was grateful for her presence. She knew how to make him smile, even if it was at the expense of her own modesty.

“I’m going to assume you’re feeling better now,” she muttered and he nodded, leaning down to kiss her temple, making her cheeks flare an even brighter red, but he caught the smile curling her lips.

“You just have that effect on me, kitten.”

“Good. I don’t want to see you frowning anymore today, then,” she said.

“I’ll try not to.”

“That’s all I’m asking for.”

(Y/n) had to give him credit—he did try. She saw him struggling to just concentrate on his job and not on what the inspector was doing. She could almost feel the waves of anger and frustration just pulsing off Gamzee and she knew there were several times where he had to bite his tongue, most likely to the point of blood being drawn. She figured she could treat Gamzee after this hellish day. He deserved it.

The inspector left by the end of the day and Gamzee finally gave into his temper when the inspector made a rather derogatory comment to (Y/n) before he exited the store. Gamzee ended up breaking a table in the back room in half from punching it to let off some steam. He wound up panicking a little bit when he realized what he had done because it was a display table. (Y/n) just wrote a note to Disciple about it, before closing the shop and leading him out.

They spent the rest of the afternoon in town, wandering the various stores and the mall and (Y/n) was pleased that she was able to get him back into a good mood. He walked her home as it grew dark and after saying their good night’s, leaned down and gave her a short, chaste kiss on the lips before she realized what was happening. She blushed and stared at him. He grinned and gave a wink, before turning to walk home.

It was so worth the day of hell they both experienced.
The Lost Get Found - 11(Human!GamzeexReader)
Oh Gog, I am sooo sorry about the lack of updates! I've been overwhelmed with school and this is the first actually time I can take a breather(thank you Jack Frost for snow days). Between that and trying to get everything done for the wedding in July....yeah, I've been tired.

So, here's the next chapter in the series! Sorry for it being so late, guys!


Beginning:Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Ten

Next: Chapter Twelve


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