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My art is my life. ^_^


Wow I have alot of favorites....I need a life....


(Y/n) had always been considered a little strange.

Maybe that was a bit of an understatement. Strange wasn’t the right word. She was an oddball, for sure, personality wise.

She didn’t look that strange. Really, she didn’t look strange at all. She was tall, for a girl, with (h/c) hair that reached her shoulder-blades, usually in a ponytail or messy braid. Her eyes were a (e/c), slightly magnified by the thick-framed glasses she wore and she was….curvy. Pleasantly plump, or so she says.

She wasn’t a Plain Jane, but she wasn’t exceptionally beautiful, either. She was just….(Y/n).

Her personality was on the other end of the spectrum, however.

She was sarcastic. Very, very sarcastic. Her mouth had gotten her in trouble more than once growing up. She was a little withdrawn, at first, but once warmed up, she liked to talk. She was a joker and liked to make people smile, even though her sense of humor was quite warped.

But it wasn’t her personality that made her strange to people.

It was the fact that she could hear spirits.

It took her quite a while to realize that it was spirits talking to her and not little voices in her head, like she had been led to believe for a long time. She couldn’t see them, but she could tell when one was nearby. She would hear them whisper to her and feel the brush of cold fingers sometimes, and she just learned to tune it out as she grew older.

She liked to scare people sometimes with this ability—tell them things not even their mother knew about, that kind of stuff. She had to entertain herself somehow, you know. Especially when her only friend lived on a whole other continent.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that.

(Y/n) originally lived in America. The good ol’ US of A. However, growing up with half of your life spent in the loony house tends to have a lasting effect on one’s mental health and reputation, so by the time she turned 21, it was almost impossible to get a job. The mental facilities had diagnosed her with Paranoid Schizophrenia—something a lot of people were wary about when it came to hiring.

So, to get away from all that and try to start something new, she used money she had saved since graduation and moved to Japan.

Yes, move to the country where ghosts are pretty much over-populating the living. Very intelligent.

She wished her best friend could have gone with her—the only one that actually believed about her abilities. In Japan, (Y/n) really did have to start anew. She knew no one and she was extremely choppy with the language, so communication was difficult. She lived in a run-down house on the edge of town and she had no vehicle, so she walked, every day, to work and back. God forbid she had to go shopping for food. She was just thankful she had found a cute little wagon to hold the bags.

(Y/n) worked at an art museum as a receptionist, five days a week from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. She was paid decently enough, it got her by, but it did nothing or the loneliness she constantly felt. She kept in contact with her family and her best friend, but it wasn’t the same as having someone there to hug and laugh with.

(Y/n) was a strange girl….and she hated her oddity.

“Jesus Christ, can’t you guys find something better to do? You know, other than following me around and whispering in my ear?” (Y/n) hissed under her breath as she walked home from work on a Friday afternoon. Her feet were aching from the pinching flats she had to wear and her skirt threatened to ride up her thighs as she walked. She reached up to unbutton the first two buttons of her blouse, loosening the choke hold it had on her throat and letting her necklace fall free to lay against her breasts.

Her necklace was an heirloom, something her mother had passed down to her, like her mother and grandmother had before that. It was gold chain and the charm was a bronze, and key-like, silver wings stretching from the top with a diamond set in the middle. She almost never took it off.

(Y/n) sighed as the whispers continued and she tuned them out, turning to march through the park as a shortcut, following the path through. The park was empty, which she thought was strange, especially for the time of day. It was about half-way through that (Y/n) realized something was really off—

The whispers were gone.

It was dead silent….and that made her more nervous than anything else.

(Y/n) paused in the middle of the park, looking around nervously. “Hello? Is…is there anyone there?”

More silence, aside from the rustle of wind in the leaves.

“Spirits? This isn’t funny, I don’t like this!”

Run, (Y/n).

(Y/n) jumped at the whisper in her ear. It was just one voice, full of fear.


Run!! It’s coming, he’s coming!! He knows you’re here!

“Who? What’s coming?” (Y/n) asked nervously, looking around again. She could see nothing, which was frustrating. She couldn’t hear anything other than the wind.

“Please, what’s going on?” she pleaded.

You have to run, you have to run, youhavetorunyouhavetorunHE’S COMING!!

(Y/n) flinched when the whispers turned into a scream in her ears.

And then she heard it.

That horrible, ear-splitting howling that brought her to her knees, pressing her hands over her ears to try and block out the noise. The screaming of the spirits quieted again.

“My God, what was that?!” (Y/n) gasped. It was like the howl had knocked the wind out of her. It sounded so close. (Y/n) decided now was the time to listen to the spirits and she quickly began to head towards the exit.

A shockwave knocked her off her feet and she tumbled onto the sidewalk, scraping her palms and ripping her stockings. That scream was louder, and she swore she felt hot breath on her back. She didn’t think. She just took off, running towards the exit.

The scream nearly knocked her to her knees again, but she forced herself to keep going. She could hear it—she could hear it chasing her! Whatever it was, it was large and right on her heels.


She hated she couldn’t scream for help—who would believe some supernatural force was chasing her? Oh God, she was going to die, wasn’t she—

(Y/n) grunted when she slammed into an invisible force and tumbled back, the breath knocked from her lungs. She heard other voices—alarmed and shouting—and laid there in a daze. They didn’t quite have the echo of other spirits, but knew it wasn’t living voices she heard. They were right above her, where she had run into the invisible force.

A pair of hands grabbed her upper arms and pulled her up to her feet, making her stumble.

Are you alright? Ah, she probably can’t hear me—

“I hear you fine,” (Y/n) mumbled, shaking her head free of the daze she was in. The voice was deep and warm and she got the strange smell of….medicine? How odd…

Oh! Shunsui, she can hear us!

That’s fantastic and all, Ukitake, but perhaps we should get her out of here? The Grande Menos is intent on eating her.

“The what?”

You shouldn’t worry about that. Erm…will you be able to hold yourself Shunsui until I return?

Not a problem Ukitake. You just take care of Miss Library there.

Miss Library? That’s a new one.

I have to ask you not to scream, Miss. This will be a bit of a rush.

“What will be a –ohmygod!

(Y/n) clung to the invisible specter that had lifted her up as they shot into the air and moved at speeds that were just unreal. She fisted soft robes and felt long hair brush against her hand as they moved. They stopped just outside the edge of town—ironically, right in front of her house.

Here we go, Miss. Now then, ah…oh dear, I don’t have a memory modifier on me…

“It’s fine,” (Y/n) was surprised that she was even speaking as calmly as she was. “I won’t say anything. No one will believe me.”

It’s not that…well, no worries for now. Just be careful in the future, hm?

“Yeah…sure….who are you?”

Just think of me as another spirit. Nothing more.”

Nothing more. Right. No other spirits could touch her or move her like this spirit had. He must have seen her expression, because she heard him sigh.

Please, don’t think on this. It’s important that you forget this encounter completely. Just be careful from now on—you have quite the spirit energy.”

“….what was that thing?” she asked quietly.

Something that you hopefully will never have to worry about again.”

She felt a whoosh of air and knew he had left the same way he had brought her home.

“….why does my life have to be so fucking weird?”
Whisper - Chapter One (Jushiro Ukitake x Reader)
So, I got into a Bleach phase and this was the product of it. :D

I own nothing!

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
“So the court date’s in two weeks.”


“’Till then, you’re under house arrest.”


“Oh, stop with the one word answers, Clown-Face. It could have been a lot worse if Kankri hadn’t taken your case when he did. You could still be sitting in that cell.”

There was the sound of a lighter flicking on the other line and (Y/n) wrinkled her nose. She wasn’t fond of smoking. She heard him take a deep drag, hold it for a moment, before letting it leave his lungs again.

“I wouldn’t have been there at all if I had just shut up and taken you inside.”

“Gamzee, shit happens. They probably would have just followed us in and then property damage would have been added in.”

“Always gotta look on the bright side of things, don’t ya kitten?”

“Always,” (Y/n) hummed, lying back on her bed. Gamzee had been released after almost six hours in the holding cell, much thanks to Kankri’s excellent communication skills, along with her and Disciple being witnesses to the event. They set the court date to determine if he would be punished or not for two weeks. (Y/n) gave Gamzee her number so he would at least have someone to talk to while he was stuck at home for two weeks. He called her after a day of boredom.

“It’s going to be a long two weeks, you know. You should let me come visit and keep your bed warm,” Gamzee said.

“You’re obviously feeling better if you’re making suggestions like that,” (Y/n) said, picking at her nails.

“Can’t help it when I’m talkin’ with ya, kitten.”

“Sure you can’t, just like Karkat can’t help raging during video games.”

“Come on, it’s pretty fucking funny when he gets going.”

“He’s loud as hell. I had to mute him after five minutes.”

“Bet he appreciated that.”

“He sent me a message after five minutes when he realized I wasn’t responding to a question he asked.”

“What did he say?”

“He said to stop being a little asshat and unmute him so we could finish the damn match.”

(Y/n) smiled when she heard Gamzee chuckled. She was glad to hear it again, despite how much it had enraged her when they first met. Now it was reassuring to hear.

“That’s Karkat…how is he, by the way?”

“Well, he heard about what happened. He didn’t think it was right for them to arrest you either. At least that’s what I picked up around the cursing. He’s worse than you are.”

“I can be much worse.”

“I can only imagine.”

“You better hope you only imagine it. If I sound worse than Karbro, then it’s time to head in the other direction.”

“That so?” she said. Another long drag and release of smoke.


“Aaannd, we’re back to the one word answers. That’s really not like you, Gamzee. That’s more of Equius’s thing, though his excuse is Nepeta talks enough for both of them.”

“I’ve got problems with my temper. As you saw the other day.”

(Y/n) sighed softly. He wouldn’t let her get close, would he?

“Is that why you tried to push me away?”


“And the rest?”

“I’ve got a bad rep, kitten. I’ve done a lot of bad things, been with some really bad people. I don’t want you hurt. Is that too much to ask?”

“Perhaps not, but even so, your rep doesn’t make you who you are. Not who you are now, Gamzee. I know that now.”

“Please, don’t push the matter anymore, (Y/n). Okay?”

(Y/n) sighed again, shutting her eyes.

“Yeah. Alright.”

“Thanks, kitten.”

(Y/n) smiled a little bit. The nickname was growing on her.

“Sure thing, Gamzee.”

Gamzee sighed softly as he took another hit off his cigarette, leaning against the broken table on his porch. He was sporting a black eye, but that was all the damage he had taken in that fight against those thugs. He hadn’t wanted (Y/n) to witness that—to see just what he could do and that’s what ended up happening anyway.

“What are you going to do these next couple weeks anyway?” Her voice made him smile a little—she really had no clue how sexy her voice was to him. Much less what it did to him.

“Behave myself. Maybe think about you, in bed, naked under the sheets…”

Gamzee, you said behave yourself!!”

He laughed, he could just imagine that pretty pink blush across her cheeks right now.

“Sure, behave myself legally. Doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun with you.”

You’re such a prick.

“I don’t hear you complaining~” he sang, grinning as he took another hit off his cigarette.

Stuff it, Makara.

“Sure thing, kitten, where at?”

Ugh, you know what I meant!

“Yup, you want me to go over there, strip you naked and have my way with you all night, right?”

There was silence on the line and he was pretty sure she was blushing pretty damn hard right now.

…You’re nothing but a teasing ass, Makara.

“So you actually do want that?”

I never said that!

“But you hinted at it.”

Did not! Agh!

Gamzee chuckled again as he flicked his cigarette into the street, turning to go inside his house.

“So what you wearing, kitten?”

That’s rather inappropriate of you to ask that, Gamzee.

“But you’ll tell me anyway, right?”

Hm. I’m wearing an oversized t-shirt and underwear.

“That it?”

That’s it.

Gamzee grinned as he sat down on his bed, moving to lean back against the wall it was pushed against.

“What kind of underwear?”

Jesus, what is this, a phone sex hotline?


(Y/n) sighed and Gamzee closed his eyes.

They’re silk. Black silk bikini underwear.

“No thong?”

I have no reason to wear mine.”

“Wait, so you actually have thongs?”

Yes, Gamzee, I do. I only wear them if necessary.

“Can I make it necessary?” He grinned. So the kitten had a bit of a dirty side. He was liking this a little.

“Really, Gamzee?”

“Yup. How thin is the shirt?”

“It’s not see through, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s a regular cotton shirt that I sleep in.”

“Aw, you’re no fun.”

I am the definition of fun, Mr. Makara.”

“Yeah, Sex Kitten.”

Fuck you, Makara.”

“I’m open and willing~”

Gamzee grinned as she sputtered, trying to come up with a retort for that.

“I’ll leave that option open for ya, kitten, if ya ever need someone to warm your bed,” he practically purred, making her sputtering quiet.

….are you just pulling my chain again?

Her voice was quiet and it made him frown. He didn’t like it when she sounded like that. He liked the saucy, cheeky kitten he met, not this quiet, almost sad voice. He ran a hand through his hair.

“(Y/n), I’m not that mean.”

You tease me like this, only to push me away. It’s cruel, Gamzee.

Shit, now he did it. Fuck, can’t he do anything right?

“I don’t mean to, (Y/n). I really don’t. It’s just who I am—I tend to say things without thinking about the consequences,” he sighed.

…it’s fine, Gamzee. I’m just being too sensitive right now. I’m sorry.

“Nah, kitten, don’t apologize.”

….what are you wearing?

Gamzee almost choked when that came across the line and he knew she heard it because she snickered.


Wow, you can shoot them off like a pro, but can’t take it when it’s shot back?

“I just wasn’t expecting it, especially from you.”

I feel hurt. You going to answer?

“Eager, aren’t we?”


Gamzee chuckled as he relaxed against the wall again.

“Well, kitten…I am currently dressed in a pair of sweatpants…and nothing else.”

…nothing? Nothing at all?”

“Nothing. Else. At. All.”

“…commando much?”

Gamzee chuckled.

“Very. It’s comfortable, you should try it.”

I did. All I got was a chaffed rash somewhere rashes shouldn’t exist. Then I made the stupid mistake of putting medicated lotion on the rash.”

“That’s intelligent,” Gamzee laughed, just imagining her reaction to the burn that came from that.

I know, right?”

“Well, you know, if you wanted, I could take off my pants and tell you exactly what I’m doing,” Gamzee suggested. There was a moment’s silence for a minute.

“…You are a dirty, dirty man.”

“Damn straight,” Gamzee said, shifting to lie back on his bed, staring at the ceiling as he talked. “You should do the same.”

Not going to happen, but nice try, Clown-Face.”

Gamzee chuckled deeply. “Damn, you’re no fun, kitten.”

“I thought we covered this? I am the definition of fun.” He heard her shifting and the sound of sheets rustling. So she was lounging in bed too. Sexy. “Well, I need to jump off the phone. Seven a.m. comes early.”

“What time do you get off?”

Four. Do you want me to call?

“…yeah. I’d like that.”

Good night, Gamzee.

“Good night, kitten.”
The Lost Get Found - 9(Human!Gamzee X Reader)
UPDATE!! OMG, right?

I know, I know-- "WHY YOU TAKE SO LONG?!"Sparta Emoji-16 (Head smack) 

I've been busy. School is currently trying to murder my attempts of relaxing. My night class ended two weeks ago....and I'm failing biology TT_TT

So yeah....that's why. But, hopefully, that will not stop me any more! :D

I own nothing!


Beginning: Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Eight

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
“You must be joking.”

Kankri Vantas frowned deeply at the pleading face of his co-worker—and secret crush—Samantha.

“Not at all, look I know that his dad did some pretty horrible things, but Gamzee’s innocent, okay?!”

“I’m also saying he has a bad background, Sam. He’s had a lot of problems with the law in the past and one good deed doesn’t atone for all that!”

“He was protecting (Y/n) and himself!! He hasn’t had any incidents in over three years; that has to mean something!” Sam exclaimed, slamming her hands on the table. Kankri looked at her coolly for a moment, before sighing and running a hand through his neat hair.

“I just don’t know, Sam…there’s history between us and that can be used against us in the court—“

“But it’s worth a try. Okay? I can’t go to (Y/n) and say, ‘Oh well, better try again.’ I can’t do that to my best friend!”

“I’m not saying to! I just don’t want this to end badly for everyone!” He replied.

“Please, Kankri? For me at least?” she pleaded, looking at him with those wide, hazel eyes and he knew he couldn’t push her away.

“…alright. I’ll try.”

“That’s all I’m asking. Thank you. I’m sorry this had to cancel the dinner tonight,” she said, looking apologetic. He shrugged as he grabbed his coat.

“We’ll reschedule. Let’s get to the jailhouse. Will your friend and Disciple already be there?”

“Yes. Thank you again, Kankri.”

“You’re welcome. Let’s go, then.”

(Y/n) was chewing her nails, standing outside the jailhouse when a red Volvo pulled up in front and Sam climbed out of the passenger side.

“Sammy!” She hurried over and hugged her friend.

“Any news?”

“They have him in a holding cell right now, they were waiting for his lawyer.”

“Well, he has one now,” an unfamiliar voice said and (Y/n) looked over to see a man in a red sweater coming around from the driver’s side.

“This is Kankri Vantas,” Sam said. “He’s a part-time lawyer when he isn’t working at the restaurant.”

“Did not know that, but I am quite grateful for it,” (Y/n) said, shaking his offered hand. “We should let them know that you’re here then.”

“After you,” he motioned and (Y/n) turned, going back inside.

“Disciple! Disciple, we have a lawyer for him!” she called, going up to the woman dressed in olive green. She looked over and blinked a little.

“Kankri. What a surprise.”


She turned to talk to the policewoman sitting behind the desk, who nodded and pressed a buzzer. A deputy came out to greet them, eyeing them all intensely.

“So, you’re his party?”

“We are. I’m his lawyer,” Kankri said.

“…very well, then. You know of his charge?”

“I do, as I also know the witness’s claims.”

“ know it’s going to be a hard case. He’s had a lot of problem—“

“I am more than aware of Mr. Makara’s past problem, Deputy Ampora,” Kankri drawled coldly. The deputy paused for a moment, before he grunted and turned, leading Kankri to the back.

“Disciple, how do you know Kankri?” (Y/n) asked curiously. She smiled at her.

“His father was my late husband. I raised him and his brother since they were very small.”

“….where the hell was I with all this news?”

“Probably off in lala land, thinking about a certain someone,” Sam said, earning a blush and a glare from (Y/n). Disciple smirked a little bit. “Has Kurloz and Meulin showed up yet?”

“No, they’re on their way, though. If need be, Kurloz offered to supply bail money,” she said with a frown. “Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to that and Kankri can convince the police to let him go home until his court date.”

“…he shouldn’t be here in the first place,” (Y/n) said sadly. Sam wrapped her arm around her friend.

“I know (Y/n). We all know.”

“…perhaps I should tell you a little more about Gamzee,” Disciple sighed softly. “When Gamzee was still small, his and Kurloz’s mother left their father, Nashir. I don’t remember the woman’s name, I’d only met her once. She was a prostitute and had fallen in love with Nashir. However, Nashir’s mentality wasn’t…all straight. By the time she had Gamzee, he had cracked, so to speak. She couldn’t handle his rages and the fights they had, so she left. Left Nashir, left her two young children and apparently disappeared off the face of the planet, because no one’s seen or heard from her since then.

“Things went downhill from there. Nashir drank a lot, and he’d lost his temper on more than one occasion with Gamzee and Kurloz. He’d beat them, scream at them…the boys really only had each other until Gamzee became friends with Karkat and Kurloz met Meulin. Kurloz raised Gamzee, since their father wouldn’t—or couldn’t—and he stole or sold drugs to get them by. Gamzee got addicted to drugs at a young age. Too young. It was pot, mainly, but he experimented with other drugs. Anything to numb himself and make dealing with his father and life easier.

“When Gamzee was sixteen—Kurloz was nineteen—Nashir snapped completely. He broke a bottle and used it to slash Gamzee’s face, before he turned on Kurloz. He nearly killed Kurloz by catching him in the throat. It’s why he can’t talk anymore. Gamzee, desperate to save his brother and himself from his father, found an aluminum baseball bat and hit Nashir over the head with it. He didn’t stop until the police sirens were heard.

“They never charged him with the death of his father because it had been out of self-defense for himself and his brother. But he wasn’t ever really the same. He picked up his father’s darker tendencies. He joined gangs. Robbed people. Sold and bought drugs. Bought nights with woman for pleasure. It wasn’t until he had a fight with his brother three years ago that he realized what he was doing to himself. What he was doing to his brother and his friends. So he went cold turkey on the drugs. Stopped drinking and buying prostitutes. Broke off with the gangs. But he also cut off ties with everyone he knew. He never said why. Just said it was for the best for now.”

It was quiet as (Y/n) and Sam listened to Disciple. The woman sighed softly and ran her fingers through her long, curly hair.

“He struggles with problems with his anger, he is known to get violent when enraged, but he tries his hardest despite all that. I know because I’ve seen it. I…truth be told, Karkat abandoned Gamzee after what Nashir did to his father. There was a lot of resentment held for his father’s actions. I held that same kind of hatred for a long time until Meulin got together with Kurloz.”

“What…what did Nashir do?” (Y/n) asked hesitantly. Disciple’s expression saddened.

“Nashir murdered my beloved husband before he tried to kill his own children.”

It was silent for a long moment before she continued.

“Kassim…Kassim was a loving soul. He knew what those boys were being put through. He had gone…to try and reason with Nashir. To have him take the boys for a while, so he could find help for himself. They had been friends at one point in time, but…Nashir wouldn’t have it. He took that same bottle that he used to slash Gamzee’s face and Kurloz’s throat…and stabbed Kassim. Multiple times in the stomach and chest, until Kassim’s cries were silenced. Kassim had just enough energy left to call the police before Nashir turned on Gamzee and Kurloz. He died in the hospital…” A tear slid down Disciple’s cheek. “Kassim was my heart and soul, even though we married after we both had had children. I wish my time with him have been longer.”

“I’m sorry, Disciple,” (Y/n) said softly, resting a hand on her arm. She gave (Y/n) a small smile and wiped her eyes.

“It’s alright. I thought you should know…after all, you love him, don’t you?”

(Y/n) reddened, “Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say love…”

Disciple chuckled a little, “Give it time. I think, in a way, (Y/n), Gamzee was looking for help without ever realizing it. Can you give him that help he needs?”

(Y/n) looked at her for a moment, before saying softly, “I can try.”

Disciple smiled at her, then looked at Sam with a sly smile, “I heard from a certain kitten you may or may not have certain feelings for a step-son of mine.”

Sam blushed and smacked (Y/n)’s arm. “(Y/n)!!”

“What?” (Y/n) grinned a little at her. “She asked and I wasn’t going to lie to her.”

“Kankri’s a sweet boy. True, he’s a little….”

“Stiff?” (Y/n) offered.

“…uptight, but he did everything he could for Karkat and my girls after Kassim died. He worked to get his lawyer’s degree to protect others from going through what he and his brother dealt with—what Gamzee and Kurloz lived with. He’s turned away every love interest because he’s afraid of his own children going through the pain of losing a father. But…Sam, I think you might be able to change that. I’ve heard him bring you up quite a few times when he’s not paying attention,” Disciple smiled slyly. Sam blushed again. He talked about her? Seriously?

(Y/n) gave a sly grin to her friend, “See? Told you he may have similar feelings for you~”

“Stuff it, kitten.

“I get called that at least thirty times a day by Gamzee. Doesn’t bother me anymore.”

“Alright, girls, let’s be friends.”
The Lost Get Found - 8 (Human!Gamzee x Reader)
NOTE: The names of the Ancestors, such a the GHB and the Signless are made from head canons. I am well aware they are Kurloz and Kankri in another life. I chose Nashir and Kassim because it's easier for me to differentiate whom is whom. No nasty comments, please.

Update! :D

I figured it was time for an update and I had time. ^__^

I own nothing!


Beginning: Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Seven

Next: Chapter Nine
“Now I remember why I rarely go to the Maryams. Their tendency to pull me into a fashion spree,” Sam muttered, carrying a bag each in her hands that were filled with clothing. One of them held the dress she would be wearing that night. It was a nice, semi-formal gown of a deep red, the fabric a little glittery. It had a turtleneck and no sleeves, a small diamond cut out right above her breasts and it reached her knees. She had a pair of red strappy heels to wear with it. It was beautiful and far dressier than anything she had ever owned before, but whatever.

She hated dressing up and she really hated dresses.

Why was she doing this again?

…oh yeah, because of the faint hope that maybe, maybe, this will turn out good.

“Damn you (Y/n)….getting my hopes up…” she mumbled as she unlocked her front door, stepping in and dropping the bags on the floor, walking to the kitchen for a drink, pausing long enough to hit the play button on her answering machine.

You have three new messages.

“No shit, Sherlock,” she mumbled, pouring a glass of apple juice.

First message.

Hey, Tham, it’th Tholluxth. Damien thaid don’t bother with tomorrow’s thift, he’th got you covered tho you can do whatever it wath you were planning. Talk to ya later.

Next message.

Sam, it’s (Y/n), when you get a chance, give me a call, ‘kay? I got something I need to talk to you about.

Sam looked at the answering machine. Well, that was disconcerting. (Y/n) never sounded like that unless she had been worried about something. As she reached for the phone, the last message played

Last message.

Hello Samantha, I’m sorry if this seems a little sudden.

Sam froze. It was Kankri.

I…damn it, I can’t do this. I’ll see you tonight, Sam.

There are no more messages.

Sam stared at the answering machine, her heart racing a little. What had he been calling her about? What couldn’t he tell her? Damn, this was going to haunt her mind for the rest of the day. She cursed softly and picked up the phone, punching in (Y/n)’s number to find out what was going on with her.

Hello?” Her voice seemed off.

“(Nickname)? What’s the matter?”

…it’s Gamzee, Sam.

“What about him?”

He’s…oh, Sam, he’s in jail!


He got in a fight today—at work, during lunch, a group of guys ganged up on him and-and just attacked him! By the time the police got there they were all out, but even though he was just protecting himself they arrested him! They wouldn’t listen to him or me, and I saw the whole thing!

“(Y/n), calm down. What started the whole thing?”

W-Well, we were outside for lunch, just kind of goofing around a little and this group of thugs walked up and they started to throw insults at him. He ignored them, but he stopped smiling and God Sam, the look in his eyes was just…it was so cold and evil. He told me to go inside and they noticed me and they started throwing jabs at me that were so embarrassing. I normally would just blow them off, but they grabbed me! I had never been so humiliated in my life! Gamzee was angry, and he started throwing insults back at them that pissed them off and they jumped him…

“You told the officers this?”

Yes! They wouldn’t believe me! They just said he’s been in trouble far too many times! They’re arresting him when he was just protecting me and himself!

“Alright, calm down. Call Disciple and tell her everything that happened, she’ll get things straightened out. Get ahold of Kurloz and Meulin. I think I know someone who can help out with this.”

Thank you Sam. I’ll do that.

Once (Y/n) hung up, Sam looked up a number and pressed the call button, raising it to her ear as it rang.

“Kankri? It’s Sam. Do you still work law cases?”
The Lost Get Found - 7 (Human!GamzeexReader)
And after what seems like forever, I update again! So sorry guys, I have been really busy with school. D: My night class is killing me with homework and I'm gone all day on Wednesdays because of school. So yeah...sorry it's a little late.

But! I do bring updates, so that's what counts!

I own nothing!


Beginning: Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Six

Next: Chapter Eight

Edit:Hashtags, DA? Really? -_-
Perseus (Percy) by VincentValentineGirl
Perseus (Percy)
This is Percy--my 3 month old Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix puppy. He's a bundle of energy and loves to cuddle...when it's his idea.

Yes, he is becoming quite spoiled. Probably as spoiled as my 14 year old cat.

I wuvs him. <3

I apologize for the poor quality in the picture, it was taken with my webcam.

StellarSynthesishttp, you wanted to see him. Here he is.


VincentValentineGirl's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
So many life changes O_o Engaged, getting ready to move out with fiancé many new things!

Current Residence:Toccoa, Georgia
Size preference: Loose and comfy, plz
Print preference: Matte, plz. Glossy is too irritating.
Favourite genre of music: Depends on my mood
Favourite photographer: No photographer is my friend, really.
Favourite style of art: Realistic, fantasy, surrealistic....
Operating System: One that works? O.o
MP3 player of choice: Walkman, dude! (Which, sadly, has finally met its end after almost seven years of existence. RIP Walkman. I now have an Ipod...that is very touchy -_-)
Shell of choice: Haven't the slightest.
Wallpaper of choice: Gamzee, Karkat, Kurloz, Eren Jaeger, Levi Rivaille, Yu Kanda, Jack Frost....I could keep going.
Skin of choice: Don' know what that means.
Favourite cartoon character: Haha....too many to count....
Personal Quote: I am an artist, and artists do not listen to the rules of logic~ >:)
  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park
  • Reading: Death Note: Another Note
  • Watching: Mom play Minecraft...
  • Playing: Dishonored
  • Eating: Spaghetti
  • Drinking: Sweet tea
After several months of looking and one false granted wish, I finally got a puppy!

He's a teeny tiny Jack Russell mix, only 3 or 4 months old. His name is Perseus--Percy for short. And he is a handful of energy and sharp little baby teeth. He is cute as a button and currently passed out across the teddy bear I gave him. I feel so bad, though, because I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow at school! >_< But whatever.

I wanted a small dog and I finally got one! Heehee!

Our Chihuahua is happy to have a play buddy, though he isn't really sure what to think about her yet, haha. The cats don't seem to mind him, so that's always a good thing. He likes toes and pants....ouchie...

He got a bath as soon as he was brought home because he was dirty and had fleas. He's a pretty white now and sooo soft.

On the other hand, I really should work on my paper for Religion >_<

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