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My art is my life. ^_^


Wow I have alot of favorites....I need a life....


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I'm so sorry! I haven't updated in soo long, and I might not for another while longer. My Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays aren't terribly bad, but my Tuesdays and Thursdays are murder. Human Growth and Development, World History with a teacher that scares the piss out of me and Human Anatomy and Physiology and A&P Lab. A loooottt of work to get done in just fourteen more weeks. Good god, already? Jeeze.

I know, I know, it's an excuse and I shouldn't make them, but I've just got a lot on my plate I'm trying to get adjusted to again.
Gamzee felt like slamming his head against the table. He really did.

This….lying, no-good sack of steaming shit was claiming more damage than he had really been dealt. Claimed Gamzee tried to kill him and had attacked first. Said Disciple and (Y/n) were just lying to cover Gamzee’s ass because they were scared of him. The asshole wasn’t even dressed properly—he came in dressing like a thug, whereas Gamzee actually put an effort in his appearance. What? He’s been to court one too many times to know that appearance was everything.

He hadn’t ever really wanted to kill anyone before, but he was starting to get that feeling for this prick.

He could only be thankful he had one of the best lawyers available.

Kankri was calm, cool and collected; he had all the evidence he needed and the testimonies from the witnesses and had past cases on his side. The thug’s lawyer didn’t really even want to testify for his client—he already knew this case was over before it begun.

The trial took two and a half hours. Gamzee couldn’t feel his ass anymore and his back was stiff from the chair he had to sit in.

It seemed the judge had enough of the lies coming from the thug and his lawyer and finally let the jury go to decide the end of the trial. Gamzee was grateful because it meant he could stretch. He went outside of the courthouse for a smoke and fresh air.

“You know, those things will kill you.”

Gamzee looked over at (Y/n) as she approached him, an unlit cigarette dangling from his lips as he dug for his lighter in his pocket. He smirked a little and pulled out his lighter, lighting his cigarette before taking a deep drag, holding it for a moment, before releasing it.

“I’ll take cigarettes to jail-time,” he said, sliding the lighter back into his pocket. (Y/n) rolled her eyes a little. Gamzee eyed her from the corner of his eye.

She was dressed in a black pencil skirt that reached her knees, showing off her long legs, and a white button-down blouse that was tucked into the skirt. She looked like a school teacher with her hair pulled back in a neat bun and her glasses perched on her nose. She raised her brows at his staring.


Gamzee smirked and flicked his ashes.

“I like the school teacher get-up, kitten. Could be fun for a role-play,” he teased and she blushed, scowling at him.

“Honestly, Gamzee?”

“What? I’m just saying it’s pretty sexy. You should wear skirts more often.”

“Not going to happen. I hate skirts or dresses of any kind. The only reason I’m wearing this damned thing is because I don’t have any dress pants,” she scowled.

“Should have worn heels too, instead of those flats.”

“Not no, but hell no.”

“Aw, you’re no fun, kitten,” Gamzee chuckled, placing the cigarette between his lips again, digging in his pocket again.

(Y/n) looked at Gamzee, her frown fading as she took him in. He wore a pair of clean, brand-new jeans and black loafers. His black, long-sleeved button-up was tucked in and ironed, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his hair was clean and brushed back from his face, the loose curls framing his sharp face. He had even taken out his piercings, though there was nothing he could do for the scars across his face.
He…really looked quite handsome.

(Y/n) blinked when she realized he was addressing her.


“I said are you hungry?”

“Oh…a little, why?”

“Here,” he handed her a couple of dollars. “There’s a couple of vending machines. Find yourself something to sate that hunger for a little bit and I’ll take you out to lunch after this whole deal’s over with. Sound like a plan?”

(Y/n) blinked at him in surprise. Was he….asking her out?

“Before you ask, yes, kitten, I am actually asking you out on a lunch date,” Gamzee said, his eyes sparkling with humor. She blushed a little.

“…yeah, alright. Sounds like a plan,” she replied and he smiled. Damn him for being so damn good-looking!

“By the way, (Y/n)….thanks. For, you know…the past couple of weeks and putting forth your testimonies. You could have been like everyone else and just stayed quiet,” he said, blowing a smoke ring.

“You don’t need to thank me, Gamzee,” she said softly. “Anyone with any heart would have done it, especially since you did nothing wrong. I did it because you’re my friend, Gamzee, and that’s all that’s really needed.”

“…is a friend all I am to you?” he asked, his voice uncharacteristically quiet. (Y/n) hesitated for a moment.

“…well, if you were, I don’t believe I would have agreed to a lunch date,” she said and his indigo eyes caught hers. He smiled again and dropped his cigarette, snuffing it out before he pushed off the pillar he had been leaning against.

(Y/n) watched him a little warily as he approached her, standing in front of her. She had to tilt her head back to look him in the eye; even with her 5’9 frame, he easily towered over her. He looked at her for a moment, before he reached up and gently brushed his fingers against her cheek and jaw, looking in her eyes as if he was searching for something.

Gamzee seemed to be thinking about something, before he leaned down towards her and she closed her eyes. She felt soft lips brush against her forehead and felt his warm breath on her skin, before he pulled away. She opened her eyes to look at him again as he pulled back, smiling a little. Was that…was that a blush on his cheeks?

(Y/n) couldn’t help but smile as she took note of that. So even Gamzee Makara could feel some embarrassment. Cute.

Gamzee glanced at the courthouse door, seeing Kankri waving at him and he nodded.

“Come on. They’ve came to a decision,” he murmured, turning to head back up the steps. He paused when he felt a soft hand take his and he looked back at (Y/n), who was blushing deeply and avoiding his gaze. He smiled and gently squeezed her hand, before walking to the door, (Y/n) following with her hand in his.
The Lost Get Found - 10(Human!GamzeexReader)

Note: I've never been to court. So yeah, this is just what I've learned by watching court shows....

But update!

And despite the ending, this is not the last chapter, relax.

I own nothing!



Beginning: Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Nine

(Y/n) tried to push the events that happened on Friday from her mind over the weekend. She had things to do, like refurbishing her home and working on her book. She didn’t need to let that inhibit her. Yet, when Monday afternoon rolled around, (Y/n) was hesitant about taking her usual route. She stood outside the park for a moment, thinking, before deciding to just take the long route home for now.

She didn’t want a repeat—and she may not have someone there to help next time.

(Y/n) hated having to walk the longer route—her feet already hurt from her shoes and standing on them all day and the longer she was in them, the more her feet throbbed. She finally stopped long enough to pull off her shoes. This wasn’t the best thing for her stockings, but whatever. She’d deal with it. It was more comfortable walking this way.

(Y/n) sighed when she heard the whispers in her ears, chattering away. “Must you keep yammering in my ear? I can’t even think anymore.”

‘So ungrateful! And after we warned you too!’

“Of what, you never said,” (Y/n) muttered.

‘We didn’t have time, thanks! You’re lucky those soul reapers showed up!’


(Y/n) stopped in her tracks.

“Soul reapers? You mean those two spirits that helped me on Friday?”

‘We’re not allowed to say!’

“Start talking before I go see that crazy medium.”

‘No! Not her!’

“Then talk,” (Y/n) said, beginning to walk again.

‘There are people called Soul Reapers that take care of those dark spirits, like the one that attacked yesterday. They protect innocent souls and send them to the Soul Society when they need to. The thing that attacked was called a Hollow, a very dangerous Hollow called a Grande Menos.’

(Y/n) chewed her cheek for a minute, thinking this new information over.


‘Okay? That’s it?!’

“What else am I supposed to say? It’s not like I’ll ever run into another one again and hopefully I won’t run into another one of those Hollows. Now hush, I have to make a payment on the house.”


‘You should really get a boyfriend. Get laid, you know.’

“Seriously? I have enough trouble controlling my hormones without your help. It’s not like I’d have any peace with you guys constantly hovering,” (Y/n) replied sourly as she slapped paint onto the wall of her newly fixed up bedroom. She was painting the walls a soft shade of violet, her furniture in the center of the room as she worked.

‘That Captain Ukitake was pretty cute~’

‘Captain Shunsui was cute too!”

“Wonderful, I’m surrounded by fangirls,” (Y/n) sighed, rolling her eyes as she wiped away a bead of sweat—the scrunched her nose when she smeared paint along her face. “Ugh, damn it.”

She heard them giggle and she sighed, setting the brush on top of the can and walking to the bathroom to clean her face up. She needed to consider making something to eat anyway. As she leaned over to wash her face with the water, she felt a presence different from the others enter the bathroom and out of instinct, she looked up into the mirror.

A blurred image of a person in black and white clothing stood behind her, startling her. She whipped around and saw….nothing. The bathroom was empty. The presence still lingered, though and she reached for her glasses, not bothering to dry her face as she put them on and looked in the mirror again. The image was a little clearer, but still blurry. They were taller than her, male from the looks of it with…white hair? Long white hair. Wearing black and white robes.

“Who’s there? Who are you? And why can I see you in the mirror?” (Y/n) asked, confused now. They shifted behind her in surprise.

“Ah, I had hoped you wouldn’t have noticed me, but it seems your spiritual pressure is higher than I first thought.”

Ah. That voice. That…Ukitake character, right? What was he doing here?

“Of course I noticed you, I can always tell when there’s a spirit nearby, though you’re….a lot different,” (Y/n) said, frowning.

“That’s one way to put it, yes. I happened to overhear the other spirits speaking to you earlier.”

“Yeah, you’re a Soul Reaper, right?”

“You’re taking this quite well.”

“I was in an insane asylum for half of my life because I can hear spirits. Nothing really bothers me anymore.”

The Soul Reaper looked quite startled by that.

“Insane asylum?”

“Yeah, you know? The happy home? Loony bin? All those other fun names?” (Y/n) said dryly, watching him in the mirror. “You never said what you wanted.”

“Oh…I suppose I haven’t. I came to investigate you, or at least your spiritual pressure, a little further. It intrigued me that you could hear me and feel me, but you’re not able to see me. For some reason, you can almost see me in the mirror, from the looks of it.”

“Yeah, it’s always been that way,” (Y/n) said, glancing over at where he was standing. Still nothing. She looked back at the mirror again.

“You are quite the interesting young lady, Miss.”

“Oh God, please don’t call me that. I hear it enough at work…”

“What would you like for me to call you then? I’m afraid I don’t have a name.”

(Y/n) smiled a little. “(Y/n). My name is (Y/n).”

“It’s a pleasure to formally meet you, (Y/n). I’m Jushiro Ukitake, Captain of the 13th Squad.”

“Indeed, Captain Ukitake.”

“Please….you can just call me Jushiro.”

(Y/n) had the distinct impression he was smiling and she couldn’t help but smile as well.

“Jushiro it is, then.”

A thought crossed her mind.

“Neh, Jushiro?”


“….Exactly how long have you been around here?”

He shifted and he coughed a little, “Well….I showed up when one of the spirits around you mentioned you needing a boyfriend?”

Oh my God, he heard that. (Y/n) let her head drop, nearly hitting the sink. Her face was bright red.

“I’m going to kill whoever said that. Again,” she muttered. She heard hysterical giggles outside the bathroom and Jushiro gave a low chuckle. “I cannot believe you heard that—wait a minute, you guys knew he was there when that was brought up!!”

‘Crap, she figured it out!’

‘Let’s go, quick!’

(Y/n) felt the spirits leave, leaving her alone with Jushiro. She grumbled under her breath about going to see the crazy medium, which got the Soul Reaper laughing.


“You’re quite amusing when you’re embarrassed.”

“Oh, shut up!!” (Y/n)’s face flamed an even darker red, turning and stomping out of the bathroom, walking to the kitchen. She faintly heard soft footsteps following her, so the Soul Reaper was following her. She dug around in her refrigerator until she found some fruit and sliced it into a bowl to eat.

“Is that all you’re going to eat?”

(Y/n) popped a slice of strawberry in her mouth and savored the tart and sweet mixture in her mouth before she replied, “For now, yes. I had to pay my mortgage this week, so it’s hard to get groceries when most of your money goes to your house.”

“I see…”

“Say, do Soul Reapers eat?”

“Yes, we do. While we’re spirits, we’re not spirits in the sense of what you’re used to. In our world, the Soul Society, we eat and drink to sustain our energies.”

“Huh. Cool,” (Y/n) hummed, popping a grape in her mouth now, leaning against the counter, shifting her gaze to where she felt the presence of Jushiro. “It’s so strange feeling you, but not seeing you. I feel your presence stronger than any other spirit I’ve met.”

“I suppose that’s not too strange. After all, I am able to physically touch you, so that might have something to do with it.”

(Y/n) shrugged, and she thought back on the earlier conversation with the spirits. Stupid spirits. They wouldn’t let her live this down now.

“…say, Jushiro? What do you look like? I can kinda see you, but not detailed. Well, at least kinda see you in mirrors, for some odd reason.”

“Hmm…well, I’m very pale. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with being a spirit.”

“Are you ill?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Are you ill? Wait, can spirits even get ill?”

“You’re…quite perceptive…”

“Your breathing. Your lungs sound kind of ragged.”

“You have very good hearing. Yes, I am ill…I’ve had an illness since I was quite young.”

“I see. Continue.”

“I wear Shihakushō—traditional robes worn by Shinigami. Over that is a white Captain’s haori. My hair is white and is long. My eyes are brown. Hm….anything else?”

(Y/n) closed her eyes, trying to envision it. He must be taller than her, from where his voice came from, and he had a firm body. “….I just can’t imagine it. Maybe it’s the white long hair. Do you look old?”

“Goodness me, I hope not,” he chuckled. “No, I look quite young. I suppose in my mid-twenties to a human’s eye.”

“That makes things a little easier to imagine…Kinda wish I could fully see what you actually look like though, and not as a blur in the mirror.”

“Now why’s that?”

(Y/n) blushed a little and shrugged. Truth be told, she wanted a face to put to the voice that made her shiver, but she wasn’t going to tell him that. “I guess….I just want to be able to see who I’m talking to…Just hearing spirits throws people off…It gets annoying having voices in your ears and not being able to see the people they’re coming from.”

“I suppose that is a good reason.”

“I like to think so,” (Y/n) said, finishing off her fruit and washing the bowl, before putting it away. She tended to like to try and keep her house clean. Easy enough with it just being here living there.

“…Have you always been alone?”

(Y/n)’s movements still and she sighed softly, resting her hands on the counter.

“…in a sense, yes….there was only ever one person that really, truly believed me and made friends with me…but she lives all the way in America. My family was scared of me, because I was hearing these voices and they finally sent me to a mental asylum. I was in and out for years, until I was eighteen. They diagnosed me with Paranoid Schizophrenia, because of the whispers. It wasn’t until I was sixteen I could hear them clearly.”

“Are they always so attracted to you?”

“The spirits? Yeah. I don’t know why. Something about me, I guess,” (Y/n) shrugged, wiping down her countertop. “It was disconcerting at first, but now I just kind of accept it. Welcome it sometimes, when I feel really lonely.”

“I’m sorry you’ve had to go through all of that.”

“It’s in the past. Nothing can be changed about it,” (Y/n) said, tossing the rag into the sink. “It helps fill the void, having them around, even if they can get a bit creepy sometimes.”


“I’m a horror movie addict,” (Y/n) smiled. “I get jumpy easily. When you’re not expecting a whisper in your ear at the climax of a scene, it can make you jump a little. Well, maybe more than a little.”

Jushiro gave a soft laugh at that and her smile grew.

“I’m sure they enjoy that.”

“I know they enjoy it. It’s why they do it. And they have to do it during a movie I either haven’t seen before or one they know scares me,” (Y/n) chuckled.

“Sounds like fun.”

“Hey, don’t get any ideas!” (Y/n) scowled playfully. “It’s bad enough with the regulars around!”

Jushiro could only laugh as the girl grinned and chuckled along with him.
(Y/n) had always been considered a little strange.

Maybe that was a bit of an understatement. Strange wasn’t the right word. She was an oddball, for sure, personality wise.

She didn’t look that strange. Really, she didn’t look strange at all. She was tall, for a girl, with (h/c) hair that reached her shoulder-blades, usually in a ponytail or messy braid. Her eyes were a (e/c), slightly magnified by the thick-framed glasses she wore and she was….curvy. Pleasantly plump, or so she says.

She wasn’t a Plain Jane, but she wasn’t exceptionally beautiful, either. She was just….(Y/n).

Her personality was on the other end of the spectrum, however.

She was sarcastic. Very, very sarcastic. Her mouth had gotten her in trouble more than once growing up. She was a little withdrawn, at first, but once warmed up, she liked to talk. She was a joker and liked to make people smile, even though her sense of humor was quite warped.

But it wasn’t her personality that made her strange to people.

It was the fact that she could hear spirits.

It took her quite a while to realize that it was spirits talking to her and not little voices in her head, like she had been led to believe for a long time. She couldn’t see them, but she could tell when one was nearby. She would hear them whisper to her and feel the brush of cold fingers sometimes, and she just learned to tune it out as she grew older.

She liked to scare people sometimes with this ability—tell them things not even their mother knew about, that kind of stuff. She had to entertain herself somehow, you know. Especially when her only friend lived on a whole other continent.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that.

(Y/n) originally lived in America. The good ol’ US of A. However, growing up with half of your life spent in the loony house tends to have a lasting effect on one’s mental health and reputation, so by the time she turned 21, it was almost impossible to get a job. The mental facilities had diagnosed her with Paranoid Schizophrenia—something a lot of people were wary about when it came to hiring.

So, to get away from all that and try to start something new, she used money she had saved since graduation and moved to Japan.

Yes, move to the country where ghosts are pretty much over-populating the living. Very intelligent.

She wished her best friend could have gone with her—the only one that actually believed about her abilities. In Japan, (Y/n) really did have to start anew. She knew no one and she was extremely choppy with the language, so communication was difficult. She lived in a run-down house on the edge of town and she had no vehicle, so she walked, every day, to work and back. God forbid she had to go shopping for food. She was just thankful she had found a cute little wagon to hold the bags.

(Y/n) worked at an art museum as a receptionist, five days a week from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. She was paid decently enough, it got her by, but it did nothing or the loneliness she constantly felt. She kept in contact with her family and her best friend, but it wasn’t the same as having someone there to hug and laugh with.

(Y/n) was a strange girl….and she hated her oddity.

“Jesus Christ, can’t you guys find something better to do? You know, other than following me around and whispering in my ear?” (Y/n) hissed under her breath as she walked home from work on a Friday afternoon. Her feet were aching from the pinching flats she had to wear and her skirt threatened to ride up her thighs as she walked. She reached up to unbutton the first two buttons of her blouse, loosening the choke hold it had on her throat and letting her necklace fall free to lay against her breasts.

Her necklace was an heirloom, something her mother had passed down to her, like her mother and grandmother had before that. It was gold chain and the charm was a bronze, and key-like, silver wings stretching from the top with a diamond set in the middle. She almost never took it off.

(Y/n) sighed as the whispers continued and she tuned them out, turning to march through the park as a shortcut, following the path through. The park was empty, which she thought was strange, especially for the time of day. It was about half-way through that (Y/n) realized something was really off—

The whispers were gone.

It was dead silent….and that made her more nervous than anything else.

(Y/n) paused in the middle of the park, looking around nervously. “Hello? Is…is there anyone there?”

More silence, aside from the rustle of wind in the leaves.

“Spirits? This isn’t funny, I don’t like this!”

Run, (Y/n).

(Y/n) jumped at the whisper in her ear. It was just one voice, full of fear.


Run!! It’s coming, he’s coming!! He knows you’re here!

“Who? What’s coming?” (Y/n) asked nervously, looking around again. She could see nothing, which was frustrating. She couldn’t hear anything other than the wind.

“Please, what’s going on?” she pleaded.

You have to run, you have to run, youhavetorunyouhavetorunHE’S COMING!!

(Y/n) flinched when the whispers turned into a scream in her ears.

And then she heard it.

That horrible, ear-splitting howling that brought her to her knees, pressing her hands over her ears to try and block out the noise. The screaming of the spirits quieted again.

“My God, what was that?!” (Y/n) gasped. It was like the howl had knocked the wind out of her. It sounded so close. (Y/n) decided now was the time to listen to the spirits and she quickly began to head towards the exit.

A shockwave knocked her off her feet and she tumbled onto the sidewalk, scraping her palms and ripping her stockings. That scream was louder, and she swore she felt hot breath on her back. She didn’t think. She just took off, running towards the exit.

The scream nearly knocked her to her knees again, but she forced herself to keep going. She could hear it—she could hear it chasing her! Whatever it was, it was large and right on her heels.


She hated she couldn’t scream for help—who would believe some supernatural force was chasing her? Oh God, she was going to die, wasn’t she—

(Y/n) grunted when she slammed into an invisible force and tumbled back, the breath knocked from her lungs. She heard other voices—alarmed and shouting—and laid there in a daze. They didn’t quite have the echo of other spirits, but knew it wasn’t living voices she heard. They were right above her, where she had run into the invisible force.

A pair of hands grabbed her upper arms and pulled her up to her feet, making her stumble.

Are you alright? Ah, she probably can’t hear me—

“I hear you fine,” (Y/n) mumbled, shaking her head free of the daze she was in. The voice was deep and warm and she got the strange smell of….medicine? How odd…

Oh! Shunsui, she can hear us!

That’s fantastic and all, Ukitake, but perhaps we should get her out of here? The Grande Menos is intent on eating her.

“The what?”

You shouldn’t worry about that. Erm…will you be able to hold yourself Shunsui until I return?

Not a problem Ukitake. You just take care of Miss Library there.

Miss Library? That’s a new one.

I have to ask you not to scream, Miss. This will be a bit of a rush.

“What will be a –ohmygod!

(Y/n) clung to the invisible specter that had lifted her up as they shot into the air and moved at speeds that were just unreal. She fisted soft robes and felt long hair brush against her hand as they moved. They stopped just outside the edge of town—ironically, right in front of her house.

Here we go, Miss. Now then, ah…oh dear, I don’t have a memory modifier on me…

“It’s fine,” (Y/n) was surprised that she was even speaking as calmly as she was. “I won’t say anything. No one will believe me.”

It’s not that…well, no worries for now. Just be careful in the future, hm?

“Yeah…sure….who are you?”

Just think of me as another spirit. Nothing more.”

Nothing more. Right. No other spirits could touch her or move her like this spirit had. He must have seen her expression, because she heard him sigh.

Please, don’t think on this. It’s important that you forget this encounter completely. Just be careful from now on—you have quite the spirit energy.”

“….what was that thing?” she asked quietly.

Something that you hopefully will never have to worry about again.”

She felt a whoosh of air and knew he had left the same way he had brought her home.

“….why does my life have to be so fucking weird?”
Whisper - Chapter One (Jushiro Ukitake x Reader)
So, I got into a Bleach phase and this was the product of it. :D

I own nothing!



Next: Chapter Two


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