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My art is my life. ^_^


Wow I have alot of favorites....I need a life....


Dancing around in just a giant t-shirt and the shortest pair of shorts known to man while expecting a pervert of a boyfriend probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but….(Y/n) didn’t care. Uma Thurman by Fallout Boy was playing and she wasn’t going to let the looming possibility of Gamzee catching her ruin her fun.

(Y/n) gave a laugh and shook her hips. She should probably get dressed before he shows up….nah.

She wants to dance like Uma Thurman

Bury me 'til I confess

She wants to dance like Uma Thurman

And I can’t get you out of my head!

She twirled and threw her hands up, jumping around and singing along like an idiot, laughing the entire time.

“Well, if I knew you were putting on a show, I would have come sooner!”

(Y/n) squealed in surprise and leapt for the radio, turning it off quickly, whipping around to find Gamzee laughing like a madman in the doorway of the kitchen, where she had been dancing around.


“What? You’re the one dancing around…in little to nothing…” Gamzee’s grin was downright wicked. (Y/n) blushed and glared at him.

“Stay here! I’ll go get dressed…”

“No, no! By all means, please, stay comfortable! Seriously, you should totally stay in that, it’s sexy as hell.”

“No! Now stay!” (Y/n) pointed at him warningly, before marching off to her room, leaving a pouting Gamzee in the kitchen.

“…joy killer.”


“But you love it~” Gamzee sang, cackling when (Y/n) shut her door sharply in reply. She came out to find him sprawled across the couch, an arm thrown over his eyes. She had dressed hastily in a regular sized t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts (it was warm, shut up) that covered much more than her sleep shorts had.

“Gamzee? You alright?” She asked, walking over to the couch. He lifted his arm to look up at her and she could see that despite his grin, he looked exhausted. “Somethin’ happen?”

“I’m alright, kitten, just didn’t sleep well,” he said, sitting up so (Y/n) could sit beside him.

“You’re lying. You look exhausted. That’s more than just ‘not sleeping well,’” (Y/n) said, frowning. Gamzee dropped his smile and sighed, pushing a hand through his already messy hair.

“…someone got shot in front of my house last night,” he finally said, dropping his head in his hands. (Y/n) stared, stunned. “I barely knew the guy—he was a crackpot and liked to lay around, bum off other people, but he wasn’t a bad person. Talked to him now and then.”

“Who shot him?” (Y/n) asked quietly.

“…an old member from a gang I left. I say that lightly,” he said lowly. “I beat the shit out of their group, so they wouldn’t have any choice but to let me go. They didn’t care much for that.”

“How long ago was that?”

Gamzee scoffed a little, “God….three, four years now? Maybe five? I don’t remember. I was pretty much high most of the time then.”

“High and still able to take out an entire gang? You really are a beast, ‘Zee,” (Y/n) teased.

“I am a pretty bad ass motherfucker, aren’t I?” he grinned at her.

“Aren’t we cocky?”

“Well, I do have—“

Just don’t.

Gamzee laughed at her dirty look and grabbed her, making her squeak as he pulled her over him, lying back on the couch. (Y/n) blushed as she glared down at him, straddling his lap as she laid across his chest.

“You’re too much fun to tease, kitten.”

“And you’re an ass.”

“Yeah, your ass,” he smirked, reaching around her to grab her posterior, making the girl squeak and slap his chest.

“Damn it, Gamzee!”

“Nice buns you got there, lil’ mama.”

“You are impossible!”

Gamzee laughed again and wrapped his arms around her waist to keep her against him, leaning up to nuzzle against her blushing cheek.

“Come on, kitten, you know you love it when I tease you.”

“….I’m saying nothing.”

“Awe….” Gamzee pouted and (Y/n) couldn’t help but smile at it.

“You’re something else, Gamzee.”

“Only for you, kitten,” Gamzee grinned at (Y/n), tugging her down to kiss her. (Y/n) giggled a little as she kissed him back, resting comfortably against his chest. Gamzee pulled from the kiss, resting his forehead against hers as he smiled up at her.

“You know…you’ve changed me a lot since I’ve met you,” Gamzee said.

“For the better, I hope?” (Y/n) questioned.

“Yeah, kitten,” he smiled. “For the better.”
The Lost Get Found - 19 (Human!Gamzee x Reader)
Sometimes my husband acts like Gamzee and in turn, Gamzee acts like him....scary. O_o Anyway, updates!


Beginning: Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Eighteen

A groan left Kankri’s lips.

He tossed down the file in his hands and flopped back in his desk chair, pushing a hand through his normally neat hair. He couldn’t seem to focus at all today.

It’s been six months.

Six months since he had been with Sam.

The most he ever did with her was hug her and hold her hand. His brother picked at him about it, too. Most by this time had already gone way further than that. It amazed him, really, that Sam was okay with it all. He figured she would have gotten tired of the physical distance between them and left him by now, but she understood why. Kankri smiled a little bit—Sam was something else, that’s for sure.

“Too much work?”

Kankri looked over at the doorway where Sam was standing, her apron folded over her arm. He gave a sigh and shook his head.

“No, too many thoughts running through my mind,” he answered.

“Mm,” she hummed, walking over to the desk and sitting down in the chair across from him. “What’s keeping you from work? You never let anything break you away from work.”

“It happens occasionally,” he smiled at her, pushing himself up and absently brushing back his hair. Sam chuckled.

“Your hair’s a mess.”

“I can imagine why,” Kankri smiled. Sam chuckled again and stood, walking over to him and reaching up to fix his hair. He watched her as she straightened his hair, looking at her features carefully.

She really was quite beautiful, her long dark hair pulled back in a braid that was starting to come loose and her hazel-brown eyes twinkling as she smiled. He sighed softly and those eyes flickered to look into his.

“What’s on your mind?” she asked softly, the smile fading a little. She flipped back another piece of hair, before letting her hands fall. He missed the feel of her hands in his hair almost instantly.

“….it’s been six months,” he said quietly. Sam blinked, a little confused. “Since we’ve been together,” he elaborated.

“Oh…huh…I guess it has,” she smiled.

“Six months…an all I have offered is my advice…and my hand…” he murmured. Sam’s brows furrowed a little in confusion. Kankri sighed again, he didn’t really know how to explain this. “We’ve been together for six months, and I’ve never…I’ve never even kissed you…I barely hug you…how can you still stay with me?”

“Because I care about you. And I support your reasons, Kankri,” Sam said gently.

“Why?” he asked.

“Sometimes…there’s no reason why,” she said quietly.

“There’s always a reason why,” Kankri murmured.

“Well…when I can find words to why…I’ll tell you,” she said. Kankri smiled a little and shook his head.

“How did I get so lucky?” he murmured, reaching up and hesitantly brushing his fingers against her cheek. “No one’s ever tried to stick around, yet you…you haven’t wavered in the least.”

“No one deserves to be abandoned because of what they decide with their life,” Sam said softly. “Not anyone…and not you…”

Kankri looked at her thoughtfully for a long moment, brushing his thumb against her cheek and the corner of her lips.



“….I’m going to kiss you now.”

Sam had no time to say anything before he dipped low and gently pressed his lips against hers.
The Lost Get Found - 18 (Human!Gamzee x Reader)
Some one on one with Sam and Kankri! 8D Some sweet fluff for ya'll peoples. :3 Enjoy!

I own nothing.

Also! For those following me on Ghosts of the Vanguard, the 'lost' chapter has been uploaded. You can find it underneath username Evil_Angel. :3


Beginning: Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Seventeen

Next: Chapter Nineteen
Bedside Lamplight by VincentValentineGirl
Bedside Lamplight
Self portrait for my Painting V class. This makes me happy. :3

Done in oil paints.

(Y/n) was allowed to go home the next day once she was able to keep food down and Disciple told her to stay home and recover for the rest of the week. Gamzee stopped by after his shift every day to check up on her. By Friday, she was fully recovered and very bored. She was sitting on the couch flipping through channels, in fact, when she heard the door unlock and Gamzee step inside.

“Look at that, you’re not in bed.”

“No, I’m quite fine and very bored,” (Y/n) said, tossing the remote control down and standing up, stretching. She was dressed comfortably, since she didn’t have to work, wearing a pair of loose yoga pants and a faded t-shirt.

“You look bored,” Gamzee smiled, shrugging off his jacket. He usually stayed for a while to keep her company, something she was grateful for.

“What gave that away? The blank look on my face, or the fact I’m flipping through the television?” (Y/n) said with a smirk, walking over to him.

“Both,” he commented, resting his hands on her hips as her arms snaked around his neck.

“Well, then it’s a good thing you’re here then, huh?” she smiled, her eyes sparkling.

“Indeed,” Gamzee chuckled, leaning down to kiss her. “I’m glad to see you’re better, kitten.”

“So am I. I hate being sick. Sam ever call that inspection team for that restaurant?”

“Oh man, did she ever,” Gamzee smirked. “The best of the best, at that.”

“Yeah, she doesn’t play when it comes to stuff like that…what did they say?”


“….That tells me nothing other than the fact it was gross?”

“The cooking environment itself was unsanitary. The same things they used to clean the kitchen they used for the restrooms—“

“Aaannd, that’s all I need to know now, thanks. Forever storing that in memory and making note to never try new Chinese Restaurants,” (Y/n) made a face. “That’s just disgusting. They get closed down?”

“Yup. They’re given thirty days to clean up their act. If there’s even a hint of what they saw before when they re-inspect, they’re shutting them down for good,” Gamzee said, lightly tickling her sides to get her to squeal and jump away. Gamzee grinned at her scowl and sat down on the couch. “What are you watching anyway?”

“I don’t know, what did it land on?”

“….The Young and The Restless?

“Oh, ew. I hate soap operas. If I want to watch drama, I can go back home,” (Y/n) scrunched her nose, sitting down and throwing her legs over his lap as she leaned against the other arm of the couch, making him grunt a little as she picked up the remote again.

“Aw, but don’t you want to watch Darcy beat the shit out of Katy?”

“….is that their names?”

“I don’t know, they just sounded like typical names for a soap opera.”

“….you’ve watched one before, haven’t you?”

“….Karkat’s really into romcoms and shit. I’ve watched my fair share. For the record, they’re worse when you’re stoned. I actually cried from how horrible it was.”

(Y/n) laughed at the mental image. Too funny.

“After that, I made a note to avoid movie night at Karkat’s.”

“There’s a reason I’m ‘busy’ on Saturday nights.”

Gamzee grinned at that. “You are bad.”

“Not bad, just smart. I try to avoid that brain mush called RomCom. I don’t know what he sees in it.”

“He’s a sensitive guy.”

“So is a paranoid schizophrenic. You don’t see them crying when Julie dumps Andrew.”


(Y/n) smiled smugly and flipped through the channels, finally finding something that wasn’t quite as droll to watch and set the remote down.

“….what’s this?”

“What, never watched Norbit?”

“No, what is it?”

“It’s a comedy. You’ll love it, trust me.” (Y/n) grinned. She had caught it at the beginning, too.

(Y/n) didn’t think Gamzee could ever laugh as much as he had while watching that movie. It was more amusing watching him react to the movie than anything else. She chuckled and giggled throughout the movie, but it was mostly at Gamzee than at the movie.

“See? I told you that you’d like the movie,” (Y/n) giggled once the credits started rolling. Gamzee was wiping away tears of mirth as he calmed from the movie.

“Yeah, yeah…shit, that’s just…wow. Reminds me of something I saw a few weeks ago. Probably why it was so damn funny,” he laughed.

“….you saw a fat black woman with a skinny man?”

“No, I saw a man talking to a pug. But I’ve seen that too.”

“….you find the weirdest things funny, Gamzee.”

“Which is why we get along, hm?”

“Yeah, which is—hey!!”

Gamzee’s laughter echoed in her ears as she tackled him on the couch, tickling him mercilessly.
The Lost Get Found - 17 (Human!Gamzee x Reader)
Some mentions of drug use, but nothing serious. It's Gamzee people, what were you expecting?

Anyway! Long update wait, sorry about that, but Christmas and stuff coming up. Anyway, enjoy! I own nothing!


Beginning: Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Sixteen

Next: Chapter Eighteen

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“Come out kitty, kitty~”

“____Why do you have to call me that?”

“Because you’re cute, like a kitten, sis.”

“Come on, kitten, you gotta wake up for me…”

“Gamzee, we need to cool her down, she’s too hot.”

“She needs to go to the doctor.”

What were they going on about now? Those…voices sounded familiar…

“Sis, will you promise me somethin’?”

“Sure ____, what is it?”

“Promise you won’t leave me, like everyone else?”

“Awe….____, you know I won’t! I don’t care what anyone else thinks, remember?”

“She’s so hot….” Worried. He sounded worried.

“Her temperature’s high and she won’t keep anything we give her down. She needs a doctor, Gamzee.”

“….alright. Grab some more blankets. She needs to stay warm.”

Warm? She wasn’t warm, she was freezing. That hand on hers felt so wonderfully warm, she didn’t want them to let go, but she just couldn’t get her body to work for her….

Run!! You need to run!!

“I can’t!! I can’t leave him, I promised I wouldn’t!”

“He doesn’t recognize you anymore! Run while you can!!”

“Alright, lil’ mama, we’re gonna get you some help, just hold on a little bit.”

She felt horribly dizzy as her body was shifted and lifted up into strong arms and she gave a weak groan.

“I know, shh….Sam, can you get the door?”

“On it.”

She heard footsteps, moving across carpet, then tile floor. A blanket was pulled over her head and she was pulled closer to a firm chest.

“Harthway is a good facility to take her to.”

“They’re half an hour away. She needs help now.

“We can’t take her to Loggington, they’re terrible with Emergency Care.”

“Harthway it is, then.”

“Kitty, kitty, come out and play~ Where are you hiding? HONK!!”

“___,please, you’re not yourself….”

“Why so fucking scared, kitty? You look more like a MOUSE!!”

“____please, stop!! Don’t!! You swore you would never hurt me!! Not like them!”

“……I fucking did, didn’t I? Heh….heheh…”

Her eyes fluttered open for a moment. She caught the sight of passing lights. A face shone when the light hit it. A familiar face, with three long scars and dark hair….A face that looked terribly tight with worry. Why was he so worried? He was never worried, right?

A gentle hand stroked her hair and her eyes fluttered shut again.

“Any change? We’re almost there.”

“No. Not for bad or for good.”

God, her head was pounding….everything felt like it was moving…spinning, spinning…

“I don’t want to leave you, ____”

“I don’t want you to leave, kitty….I’m so fucking flushed for you…”

“Heh…I love you too, my goofy clown.”

Heh….goofy clown….goofy clown….that reminded her of her own clown faced dope.

“Go get a nurse, Sam, she needs to be seen to immediately. Gamzee, hurry, she needs to get out of the cold.”

“Come on, kitten, we’re getting you help, don’t you take a dive now.”

“We were so fucking close!! So damn close!!”

“_____,calm down, alright? We’ll just figure something else out.”

“You don’t get it, do you? You’re fucking human, of course you wouldn’t!!”

“Hey, bro, chill out.”

“No I won’t ‘chill out!’ Because of her, we’re still having to run for our lives! Because of her, we have to find a new way to get rid of Jack ____!!!”

“I…I’m sorry, ____at….I didn’t mean—“

“You never mean to do anything! You always mess things up, always!!”

“I’m sorry!!”

“Sorry…sorry….” She mumbled, a hot tear sliding down her cheek.

“What? Kitten, what’s wrong?” A hand wiped away the wetness.

“She’s having a fever dream. There’s no rhyme or reason to them, they’re mostly just caused by her temperature. She’s lucky you brought her here.”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“You need to relax, please, calm down, this won’t solve anything—“

“It will! It’ll end this! Don’t you get it? It’s my fault this happened in the first place! If…If I’m gone, then you’re be able to end this!”

“No, lil’ mama, please you promised you wouldn’t leave me!”

“I’m so sorry, ____I’m sorry….I know I promised, but I have to…”

“No! Don’t you do it! Don’t you fucking dare!

“Please, don’t fight me on this!”

“Don’t do this to me, I need you!!”

“….I know….I’m sorry….Gam—“

Her eyes flew open.

Pain, there was pain, oh God it hurt!!

A scream ripped from her throat, scaring awake the other inhabitants of the room.

“What’s going on?”

(Y/n)! Shit, something’s wrong, go get a nurse!!”

She screamed, clutching her mid-section. It was like a white-hot knife inside her, twisting and stabbing.

“(Y/n), (Y/n), what’s wrong?!” That was Gamzee’s voice, his hands on her, reaching down to push aside her clenching hands, pressing against her stomach. He could tell something was off, something wasn’t right. He barely touched her and she screamed again.

A nurse came in, with a lined bucket and a rolling tray.

“It’s her stomach. You might want to move, this is about to get messy. Her stomach’s about to reject everything.”

Oh god, the pain was making her feel so sick. She gagged and coughed and the bucket was shoved in her face. She emptied the contents of her stomach, almost violently. Her eyes were watering from the burning sting as everything she had eaten for the past two days exited her mouth. A warm hand held her hair from her face, a deep voice speaking soothingly to her.

“She should be better in the morning, once she’s past the vomiting stage.”

“I’ve never seen food poisoning this bad before,” Disciple said.

“It’s happened. A lot, lately, since that Chinese Restaurant opened up.”

“I think there’s going to be an inspection team sent there,” Sam muttered. “I’m going to call Kankri. He asked me to keep him and Karkat updated.” She exited the room, pulling out her phone as she walked.

“How did you not get sick, Gamzee?”

“I didn’t eat the chicken,” he said, frowning a little, brushing free pieces of hair out of her face. “Or any of the meat, actually. I tried a bite and thought it tasted weird.”

“You’ve got some sensitive taste buds then,” the nurse said. Gamzee chose not to comment on what crossed his mind at that statement.

(Y/n) groaned a little and coughed weakly. Gamzee took the napkin from the nurse to wipe her face as the nurse took the bucket to change out the lining.

“How much longer of this?”

“That could just be it or she could vomit for the next few hours. It’s hard to say, since everyone’s different,” the nurse said. “If there’s any problems, let me know. It’s best for it to run its course.”

Gamzee sighed softly as the nurse left, looking at (Y/n), who looked dazed and miserable as she leaned forward against the newly emptied bucket.

“What happened…?” (Y/n) muttered.

“You’re real sick, kitten,” he said, motioning to the hair tie on Disciple’s wrist. She handed it over, letting him tie (Y/n)’s hair back. “That Chinese we had for lunch the other day gave you food poisoning real bad. Apparently you’re not the only one that’s had it from that place.”

“God, I feel like shit…” she groaned. “My stomach’s killing me…”

“It’s going to, until this runs its course,” Disciple said gently. “Do you remember calling Gamzee?”

“….no. I don’t remember anything since yesterday….” She mumbled.

“You mentioned at work that you were feeling kinda puny, kitten,” Gamzee said. “So Disciple let ya go home early, saying you should call if it gets worse. We didn’t hear anything from ya, even this morning when you didn’t show up to work, which worried us. You called me around five. You sounded….delirious and weak and when I asked what was wrong, you said you had fallen down out of bed and couldn’t get back up. You went quiet after that and I got worried. I called Disciple and Sam before heading over to your place. By the way, you should consider locking your front door.”

“I normally do…”

“Anyway….I went in and found you on your bedroom floor, with a high fever and completely out of it…we finally decided to bring you here when your fever spiked,” Gamzee said, “You really worried us, (Y/n).”

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, leaning back on the bed. She was pale and gaunt, with dark rings under her eyes, but he still thought she was lovely. Gamzee gently brushed his fingers against her cheek.

“You just focus on getting better, kitten, alright?” he murmured. Her eyes were starting to close, she was probably exhausted.

“Mm-hm….” She hummed groggily. He chuckled softly and leaned over to softly kiss her forehead.

“Sweet dreams, kitten.”

The Lost Get Found - 16 (Human!Gamzee x Reader)
I am so sorry about the late update guys! I have been REALLY busy with finals! But here it is, the next chapter!


I own nothing!


Beginning: Chapter One

Previous: Chapter Fifteen

Next: Chapter Seventeen


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I'm so sorry! I haven't updated in soo long, and I might not for another while longer. My Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays aren't terribly bad, but my Tuesdays and Thursdays are murder. Human Growth and Development, World History with a teacher that scares the piss out of me and Human Anatomy and Physiology and A&P Lab. A loooottt of work to get done in just fourteen more weeks. Good god, already? Jeeze.

I know, I know, it's an excuse and I shouldn't make them, but I've just got a lot on my plate I'm trying to get adjusted to again.

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